Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Wildwood Chronicles

Awhile back, I read that Colin Meloy was taking a break from The Decemberists to write a children's book. What???! Noooooooo! I was mostly worried this temp gig would become more of a permanent thing. Plus, of all reasons to leave a band, a children's book? Scoff. Finally, I came around when I caught glimpse of this poster and my cold judgements were slowly defrosting.
Beautiful, right? It completely won me over and I had to see more!

After heading to their site I read more about the project and how it's been doing so well they have a third book coming out February 2014! I then went to amazon flipped through the pages read some excerpts and decided I MUST add these to my bookshelf. I was completely foolish! Obviously Meloy would be a great book writer, he is already an amazing song writer with many great stories to tell. Plus, I love that the illustrator, Carson Ellis, is the same gal who designs all the beautiful album art for The Decemberists. So, it stays true to that Colin-esque, I love. Such a talented couple! I should've known better and pretty sad it took me so long to come around. Now, I'm counting down the days to receive my packeges in the mail and thumb through page after page of art. Until then I will just stalk the web for pictures and re watch youtube videos of Wildwood Chronicles.




Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seattle, I'm finally home!

Wow. It's been quite a while since my last post! Saying a lot has changed is an understatement. I finally moved back to Seattle. Still not completely settled in but getting there! I'm absolutely loving it here! I live in the most beautiful neighborhood of Greenlake, which I'm realizing is almost the heart of all Seattle neighborhoods. It is ridiculously close to everything. On top of it, the lake is a block away! Last few days I've been wandering around trying to figure out what there is to do around here. So far, I've ran to Fremont made a loop by the canal and up the hill to say hi to the Fremont troll.

It's only a 4.5 mile lap, not bad at all. On my way, I've noted some bookstores, coffee shops, and boutiques I need to stop by and check out later. That actually was my plan today until I decided to find out how long it would take to walk to Ballard. Only an extra hour. My poor little legs were pooped after the run from the day before. So, I stopped for some Thai food to fuel myself and trek back home. Oops. Oh well, there's always next week!

My goodness, I can't believe I am finally back home. I am enjoying every second of it so far. I will definitely post more catch you up on the shows I've been to, the amazing things are coming within the next few weeks. Everything. I'll try not to let months go by before another post.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Piperlime, you've stolen my heart.

The other day I made my first Piperlime purchase. I was noticing how sad all my spring shoes were becoming so I needed an update. Lucky me, Piperlime just so happened to be having a shoe sale, 40% off!! Plus, since it was my first purchase, I received an additional 15%. Perfect timing to revive the shoe closet. I was really impressed of how good a collection Piperlime had, there were so many sandals and heels to choose from, and all were gorgeous! Considering I have really picky taste, this was a huge surprise. I fell in love with at least three pairs- making it really hard to widdle it down to just one pair. I came really close to giving up and getting them all. In the end, I chose these gold glitter and cognac leather strappy sandals by Report.

When I received my package, I was even more impressed at how pretty it was. I love great packaging and it's rare to see a company that cares about even the small details when shipping items out. The inside of the box was darling, printed with the company's logo, my shoe box was wrapped in tissue paper even. I'm telling you, it's details like this that really win me over. Smart move Piperlime!! Okay, so after I was done drooling over the display, I finally opened up my shoebox- holding my breath. I mean everything was going so well I was hoping they weren't over compisating for the shoes. So I lifted up the lid and GASP, they were beautiful!! Far better in person than any photo. I wish these pictures could do the gold glitter justice because they twinkle so beautifully. I have to say over all it was a great experience and I definitely will be shopping with Piperlime again. Plus they have great quality, I don't know if that's Report's doing, but I'm sure they both hold this trait. Thanks again Piperlime, I can't wait to log back in and see what else I can add to my closet!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Record Store Day in Seattle

Next weekend I'm going home to Seattle, I am so excited since it just so happens to be Record Store Day next Saturday!! Perfect timing! It's my favorite holiday, besides Christmas and my birthday obviously. There are a ton of shows going on, usually in store performances by amazing bands for free, plus lots of beer, and of course, the best part, searching for new records to add to your collection. Bonus: a lot of bands will have special pressings that come out just for RSD, this means lots of limited editions to shop for. I've celebrated Record Store Day in two other cities, Las Vegas, and New York. Neither really compared to last years. Not sure if it's because RSD was still pretty new a couple years ago so it hadn't built up to the event it is now, or if it has to do with Seattle's love for music that made it seem more festive. I'm guessing I'll find the answer to that this year.

Last year, I lucked out because Real Estate were in town the night before so I got to see them again. They're actually one of those bands I prefer to see live over their albums. Their sound is more rich and you can hear them clearly, I was impressed! Both times I left in awe after the show, they're definitely worth seeing.

The next day we spent record store hopping all over Seattle, we covered almost all the neighborhoods, starting in Ballard and working our way back to Capitol Hill. I picked up lots of goodies that day, Animal Collective's-Sung Tongs (my most favorite album) The Smiths- The Queen is Dead album, Radio Dept, a bunch of singles from Sufjan Stevens, and Real Estate. I didn't quite get everything off my list, there were a lot of hard decisions to make on what I could and couldn't take home. Typical!
Before continuing our journey to the other stores we of course had to run across the street to Cupcake Roayale for some snacks, shopping for vinyl can leave a gal hungry! I had the most amazing taramisu cupcake that I still, to this day, daydream about. Seriously, everytime I'm home I have pay a visit and feed my cravings.

Seriously it was one of the best weekends I've ever had. We had perfect weather, it was so nice and sunny. We stopped and sun bathed between store hopping, we enjoyed the loud music being played by the near by record stores before venturing on. I can't wait to see what this year brings!! Unfortunately, with all the music stores that have been closing and moving around, I have a feeling it will be a little quiet, but there's hope I will be proven wrong!

See you soon Seattle, can't wait for all your adventures you have in store for me this year.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Pop of color


It's no surprise that color is in right now. Especially bright neons. Somehow they just seem to give that perfect punch to what could be a boring outfit. Jeans and a tee shirt? Just add a bright color shoe and you're set! Here are a few of my favorites I want to try. Those gorgeous bright red, wide legged pants with luxe neutrals, I'm i

Here's my pop of color from Easter.



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rabbit and dresses are made for each other!

I spotted this on Svpply and immediately started drooling. Unfortunately, it's from an online boutique from Japan, Zozo.jp and I can't understand a word it's telling me! So I'll just sit here, scroll through the pages and admire from a distance. If you can understand Japanese i'd say head over there now and maybe order for the both of us! Luckily, that dress looks recreate able. As long as I can find a similar print on a tee or fabric, hmm, will be worth some research! Wish me luck! (Btw, is it just me or is it SUPER annoying they didn't steam out the dress before pics, yikes!) sorry, my only real pet peeve.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Bed time.

During the last few days I've had off, I'm not gonna lie, that picture isn't an exaggeration of how I've spent my time. Okay, we'll I didn't burn a candle IN bed- safety hazard!! But coffee, art magazines, and being surrounded by comfy blankets were definately there to keep me company. It was so nice doing nothing but sip coffee and look at pretty pictures majority of the time. I did leave the house for a few runs and to walk the pup, enjoyed some fresh air but as soon as I returned, it was back to the "office." Maybe, I did sprinkle in a few errands in here and there. Since I live on instagram, here's a few pics of how it pretty much went. First of all, I LOVE kinfolk magazine. It's easliest one of my favorite artisan magazines, so I was getting caught up on the latest issue. After that I was inspired to run to the market for some yummy treats and a boquet of flowers of my very own. Next, I had to assemble an operation to get my little one back from my mother, who randomly likes to kidnap him for days on end. It's been a quiet week with out him home so I waited until she was at work and made my attack. Then to celebrate we went for a long walk and we ran into this cute english bull!! I'm hoping we can all be best friends soon. I love these kind of days!

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