Friday, March 15, 2013

Bed time.

During the last few days I've had off, I'm not gonna lie, that picture isn't an exaggeration of how I've spent my time. Okay, we'll I didn't burn a candle IN bed- safety hazard!! But coffee, art magazines, and being surrounded by comfy blankets were definately there to keep me company. It was so nice doing nothing but sip coffee and look at pretty pictures majority of the time. I did leave the house for a few runs and to walk the pup, enjoyed some fresh air but as soon as I returned, it was back to the "office." Maybe, I did sprinkle in a few errands in here and there. Since I live on instagram, here's a few pics of how it pretty much went. First of all, I LOVE kinfolk magazine. It's easliest one of my favorite artisan magazines, so I was getting caught up on the latest issue. After that I was inspired to run to the market for some yummy treats and a boquet of flowers of my very own. Next, I had to assemble an operation to get my little one back from my mother, who randomly likes to kidnap him for days on end. It's been a quiet week with out him home so I waited until she was at work and made my attack. Then to celebrate we went for a long walk and we ran into this cute english bull!! I'm hoping we can all be best friends soon. I love these kind of days!

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