Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Piperlime, you've stolen my heart.

The other day I made my first Piperlime purchase. I was noticing how sad all my spring shoes were becoming so I needed an update. Lucky me, Piperlime just so happened to be having a shoe sale, 40% off!! Plus, since it was my first purchase, I received an additional 15%. Perfect timing to revive the shoe closet. I was really impressed of how good a collection Piperlime had, there were so many sandals and heels to choose from, and all were gorgeous! Considering I have really picky taste, this was a huge surprise. I fell in love with at least three pairs- making it really hard to widdle it down to just one pair. I came really close to giving up and getting them all. In the end, I chose these gold glitter and cognac leather strappy sandals by Report.

When I received my package, I was even more impressed at how pretty it was. I love great packaging and it's rare to see a company that cares about even the small details when shipping items out. The inside of the box was darling, printed with the company's logo, my shoe box was wrapped in tissue paper even. I'm telling you, it's details like this that really win me over. Smart move Piperlime!! Okay, so after I was done drooling over the display, I finally opened up my shoebox- holding my breath. I mean everything was going so well I was hoping they weren't over compisating for the shoes. So I lifted up the lid and GASP, they were beautiful!! Far better in person than any photo. I wish these pictures could do the gold glitter justice because they twinkle so beautifully. I have to say over all it was a great experience and I definitely will be shopping with Piperlime again. Plus they have great quality, I don't know if that's Report's doing, but I'm sure they both hold this trait. Thanks again Piperlime, I can't wait to log back in and see what else I can add to my closet!


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