Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Wildwood Chronicles

Awhile back, I read that Colin Meloy was taking a break from The Decemberists to write a children's book. What???! Noooooooo! I was mostly worried this temp gig would become more of a permanent thing. Plus, of all reasons to leave a band, a children's book? Scoff. Finally, I came around when I caught glimpse of this poster and my cold judgements were slowly defrosting.
Beautiful, right? It completely won me over and I had to see more!

After heading to their site I read more about the project and how it's been doing so well they have a third book coming out February 2014! I then went to amazon flipped through the pages read some excerpts and decided I MUST add these to my bookshelf. I was completely foolish! Obviously Meloy would be a great book writer, he is already an amazing song writer with many great stories to tell. Plus, I love that the illustrator, Carson Ellis, is the same gal who designs all the beautiful album art for The Decemberists. So, it stays true to that Colin-esque, I love. Such a talented couple! I should've known better and pretty sad it took me so long to come around. Now, I'm counting down the days to receive my packeges in the mail and thumb through page after page of art. Until then I will just stalk the web for pictures and re watch youtube videos of Wildwood Chronicles.




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