Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free People's Roshambo

Awhile back my twin texted me to check out this super cute video. For some reason I never got around to it and when we were talking the other day she asked if I ever got a chance to see it? My response was more like "uhhhm no, sorry!! But I'll do it right now!" As soon as I heard that cute song in the background, which sounds like Lord Huron- the Ghost on the Shore I started to get giddy, then the video starts slowly and I can already tell its going to be really good. The main character is super adorable, I'm so in love with her hair! And her clothes?! Dying! Good job Free people, that was perfect marketing! Oh and can I just say, Christopher Abbott, from Girls is in this too and it was just way too perfect!! I've rewatched that video like ten times already. My only complaint: it was too short! I'm really hoping that Free People has more plans for more videos, they really did do a good job with this. Cause really, how much cuteness could you pack into one short film?! Check it out and find out!

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