Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grimes teams with YSL

Who would've guessed the girl from Grimes would team up with YSL and design some pretty sick tees? I know I didn't see that one coming! Although her album cover was pretty killer.

So I'm excited there will be some Claire Boucher art pieces you can wear!(and not feel awkward about it). If you can fork up the $320- $350 that is. I mean, it IS a YSL tee we're talking about here. Turns out that Ms. Grimes isn't unfamiliar with the designing gig, she collaborated with Montreal artist Morgan Black, creating graphic rings called " Grimes Pussy Rings"

See what i meant about feeling awkward?? Fortunately for us, the YSL shirts are less crude than that. Actually, I'm really digging the line and want almost every tee!


The black tee in the middle with skulls is my favorite! But I would not say no to any of these tees. One semi downfall, they're men's tees, so keep that in mind when you try to snag one of these babies, go down a size or two. And apparently New York/ Los Angeles YSL stores will be getting them in with the next two weeks, so run before they sell out!! You've been warned!


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