Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hiatus pt. deux

Sorry guys again for another hiatus, I'm officially the worst blogger ever, but I'm still trying to get a good schedule going. I promise to try and get on here more often, Girl Scout honor in fact! Although, I only made it to brownies. Hope it still counts?? :)

So, last week we had a tiny bit of sunshine that broke through those nasty clouds. As much as I love the weather here in the Pacific Northwest and our crazy schizo weather, it was really nice to get some vitamin D longer than twenty minutes. I had a brunch date with my mom one afternoon and since it was gorgeous outside, I decided to finally pull out my new j.crew cords.

(By the way, the color didn't exactly look the same as they did online, haha)

I got them on such an amazing deal back in January but they've been sitting in my closet patiently waiting for that perfect sunny winter afternoon to be worn. I at first paired them with a chambray shirt and my army green winter coat but later it warmed up and I ended up switching into my polka dotted button down and army jacket. Gosh, I didn't realize how versatile a pair of coral cords are! I'm really glad I tried them, I was a little hesitant because at first instinct you're kind of left wondering what on earth could I wear that matches these pants but really the answer is EVERYTHING. All your basics you wear with jeans- dress them up with some colored pants instead. I highly recommend playing around with a colored pant if you haven't already. You can even take baby steps and go with a plum color or evergreen, if you're a little nervous about the change. Matched with a chambray button down or a white v-neck, it's a perfect pop while having fun with color in your wardrobe. Good luck!


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