Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grace Coddington, my fashion heroine.

Grace Coddington has forever been in the fashion world but no one really knew who she was until she came out in The September Issue. I know like many of you have probably heard her name, but not much more. Unless you're a die hard Vogue fan and you just happen to know everything that involves Vogue's history and employees. Sadly, I am not. So when I first saw her appear on screen and heard her bad mouth Anna Wintour- something NO ONE does, I was in love! Her amazing long bright orangey red hair (that really should have a book of it's own) and her rebellious attitude at such a glorious age, I couldn't help but feel inspired and even more so intrigued. Who is this woman that has hidden for so long out of public, talking to Anna this way and lives to tell about it?! Grace. Grace Coddington. She has been working for Vogue for years on end, first winning a Vogue modeling contest for young woman at an age of 17. Later, to become a writer for the British Vogue, then moving on to work with Calvin Klein. It was 1988, when Coddington went to work for the American Vogue about the same time Anna Wintour started. Now, as a creative director, building beautiful poetic scenes for the pages of Vogue every month. Coddington has such a way of telling beautiful stories through editorials. Her style is flawless and always inspiring. This gal is such an interesting individual that is worth reading about, her book, Grace: A Memoir. Full of stories that you just can't stop reading and pictures that keep you flipping through the entire book until you look down and there are no more pages to flip.

"In which the wind howls, the waves crash, the rain pours down, and our lonely heroine dreams, of being" 
Audrey Hepburn

For Christmas, I had asked for this book but sadly Santa can't get me everything on my list! Understandable. So every time I run to Barnes and Noble, I read a few pages and go back to my favorite photos. Really worth purchasing, it never gets old. Not only is it full of pictures of Grace at a younger age when she was modeling, there are ton of cute drawings of stories she's telling. Painting the picture and really pulling you in.

There is so much I could go on about Grace but I would hate to spoil everything for you, you will just have to check her out and her many accomplishments for yourself.

from The September Issue

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