Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Early Birthday presents

It's almost my birthday! Let's be clear, when I say "almost" I mean it's this month, a mere 21 days away. So why not commence in the gift giving already? Right?? Yesterday, I received my Birthday postcard from Anthropologie and it was just too tempting, darn you Anthro!! Unfortunately, there is no Anthropologie anywhere near me, unless I decide to go home to Seattle (4.5 hours away) so I did what any desperate gal would do, ONLINE SHOPPING!! I decided to treat myself to something pretty, like this Albeit lipstick, in peony. When I was in L.A. last week we were at the Anthro at 3rd Street Promenade and I fell in love with this shade of lipstick- I sadly already over spent on my last few purchases that day so I decided to wait. Now, I can't wait to add her to my collection. Also, I've been in LOVE with Kinfolk magazine ever since I've seen it blow up on the blogosphere. Rightfully so, their website is full of beautiful pictures and videos of friends getting together and enjoying each other's company surrounded by food and drinks. Now, I finally get to flip through the pages and enjoy them a little closer. If you haven't yet, check out Kinfolk immediately. They also highlight other bloggers who contribute to the mag. I found this one tumblr that I can't stop going back to, so heavenly. Now, I just have to sit patiently for the mailman to bring me my birthday goodies! Thanks Anthro!

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