Friday, March 8, 2013

Not quite over(all) it.

Mention the word overalls and my nose crinkles and my face turns sour. It really is such an ugly word. I don't care how many people try to recreate them, doing a more modern take. All I think of is when I wanted to wear mine backwards and "jump jump" thanks Kriss Kross. Even a few years ago when it appeared in the J.Crew spring catalogue, I still wasn't buying. It's a sleeveless denim jumpsuit! Eek! Then I had friends who had cute ideas of pairing them with cute pastel wedges and maybe loosely rolling up the pant to make a slouchy look. They almost had me there, but no, I'm not budging! Then, the other day I came across this top.


Now that's a compromise!! How stinking cute! It still has the classic overall buckles, which really is the best part of it anyway, but doesn't have the god awful pant half. I really think I'm in love with the concept. Plus it's more versatile. I'm thinking of layering this top over a short or mid length dress that's really flow-y. Kinda like this free people dress.

Or layering it over a white tank and mid length/maxi skirt. I'm thinking something with beautiful details like pleats will dress it up but still keeping it fun.

Another look I had in mind was pairing it with some denim shorts, staying true to the overalls look but a little sexier, with a little peep of skin showing in the middle. Throw on with some keds, vans, or maybe wedges for a feminine look and you've got the perfect bike riding outfit! Then snatch that floppy hat out of the closet and go canoeing! This half overall top may be my summer uniform!

The best part- it's such an easy DIY project!! I'm sure at any thrift store you can find pair of overalls, just chop off the ugly bottoms and poof. I'm excited to try this project myself, such a fresh spring/ summer look!


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