Saturday, January 26, 2013


So I finally decided to share my hidden Internet gem, called Svpply. I found this site a couple years ago, around same time I discovered Pinterest. They both sort of have the same idea- a place to bookmark your favorite items. Difference being, Svpply is more catered more to shopping. So, those of you who are shopping addicts, be warned!! I have found so many cool accessories and clothes I added to my own closet, thanks to this site. What I love most is that some of the designers are obscure so I have some cool pieces you can't find at every Urban Outfitters in the city. Plus, for someone who isn't located near any great shopping, I'm forever grateful for a site like this. Check them out for yourself, have fun, add some things to your "want" list. Even if you don't have a budget for spending, it is still fun to look at great outfits that you might be able to recreate later. Also, Svpply is a great tool if you're looking for something specific on the web, like a jacket for a certain cute pup you have at home, so resourceful!

Don't worry fellas, I got you! I know it can be tough shopping for you too! Especially for those who have a cool unique style. I have so many friends here in town that hound me for tips on where to shop, unfortunately I either say, go to Seattle or shop online. It seems the fashion in this city is at least three years behind- cool boutiques are hard to come by here. So here's a great substitute! Enjoy!

 Also, if you do end up joining, feel free to add me, here, or check out what else is on my own want list!

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